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Build and manage your company's captable, conveniently and securely in the cloud

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Captable management

Build and visualise your company's register of shareholders

Manage employee stock plans

Keep track of employee shares, options and vesting schedules

Visualise investment scenarios

Coming soon

Predict exit scenarios

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Your captable management made easy

Get better understanding of your company's shareholder structure. Managing your captable is now easy.

What we offer

User friendly

User friendly captable management tool

Save costs

Save on notary and administrative costs


Compliant with EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC)

Always access

Never again lose your register of shareholders


Get a better insight into your company's capital structure


Collaborate with fellow shareholders, accountant or notary


Test scenario's before accepting new shareholders

Manage employee stock

Manage employee stock or stock options

Our customer plans

We are currently in our bèta. Become part of our bèta group and use start using Venturecap!



Max. 1 company and 5 shareholders
  • Captable management
  • Download reports (€49)
  • n/a
  • Add-on (optional):
  • Captable migration (€100 fee)


€169 / year

Unlimited shareholders
  • Captable management
  • Download reports
  • Invite collaborators
  • Add-on (optional):
  • Captable migration (€100 fee)


€359 / year

Unlimited companies
  • Captable management
  • Download reports
  • Invite collaborators
  • Add-on (optional):
  • Captable migration (€100 fee)

  • Venturecap aims to help enterpreneurs and their investors to manage and to better understand their capital structure. It will also help entrepreneurs and investors to evaluate investment proposals. VentureCap is by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

    Venturecap is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam. The founders jointly have decades of experience with corporate finance, Venture Capital and early stage investing.

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